This pre-sale auction is officialy over from today, 27.02.2012.

Please contact me for future orders at



In order to run this project as soon as possible I was thinking of announcing a pre-sale auction.

My goal is to get orders for the basic shapes on a promotional /nearly materials costs with little extra on/ price in order to collect

the funds needed for further development, materials and mashinery. In a few words - you guys will get the first pipes from each

line on symbolic price.

I can't do it myself only right now, so your help with financing this activity will be deeply appreciated!


The prices are as follow:

Natural line - 100 Euro (105 via PayPal*)

Sandblast line - N/A*

Grotesque rustic line - 80 Euro (85 via PayPal*)


(*Sandblast line will not be available until I collect the funds needed for sandblast equipment.

* Please contact me for other payment options!)


Shipment costs  will be extra chargeg (10 - 15 Euro), depending on the location.

The shipment will be Priority mail, Recomended, more details and shipment calculator here.

The order is considered accepted upon payment.


Please note that this is one time offer - the prices are subject to change after achieving the quantity of orders

needed for  the project to get it fully running!


Please e-mail me to confirm your order at including the pipe shape, finish line and shipment details.

Thank you!



More info about Getz Calabash Inside system here.


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