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My first participation in Bucharest, Romania, 2001. We were representing our Rose valley region with typical craft's products. My pipes were the only non typical thing in it.

..yet another picture  from my first taking apart of the Annual Craft's Fair in "Radisson SAS" hotel-Sofia, organized by JOBS. (we have done together five events so far)

... in our craft's shop in Karlovo, where all my colleagues have their products as well. In the shop you can find wood carved icons, paintings, dolls, wooden spoons, forks, pots ets., handmade knifes and more..

And pipes, naturally!

... during my fourth participation of the Annual Craft's Fair in Sofia, 2004. I look like hell on that picture...

... the men's corner during the Fifth Annual Craft's Fair in Sofia, 2005.

... just two pictures from the 2'nd European Pipe & Tobacco Show in Cuxhaven, Germany, 2004.

The picture above is my table, at the bottom - me, Love Geiger ( http://geigerpipes.com )  and Rolando Negojta ( http://atelierrolando.com/ )

Thanks, Rolf, we had a great time!

picture pending...

... my last up to date participation - in "Slavi show" - www.slavishow.com

more to come soon....




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