sold                              Apple sold                         Billiard sold                   Poker sitter sold                        Prince
sold         Canadian / Billiard      
sold             Rhodesian 1/2 Bent sold                Dublin Bamboо sold                      Full Bent A. sold          1/2 Bent Semi Rustic
SPECIAL OFFER       Millie's Horns sold           Horn Straight Rustic available                Horn Rustic sold                       Pot Rustic
sold                 French Smooth sold                        Danish VIII sold                         Egg Mini Billiard - upon special request only
sold                  APK club pipe available                Poker  Rustic sold                     Fancy Poker sold                     Fancy Bent
sold    Tulip   "Black & White" serie sold  Tulip 2  "Black & White" serie sold    Ball  "Black & White" serie sold     Egg  "Black & White" serie
    The pipes, marked with sold are not available, but can be produced under your request.
sold                      Canadian       

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Click on the pictures for more details. Further information will be gladly provided on request by e-mail. Please do not hesitate to contact me.

Older pipes to see here and here.

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